Coming from Seattle and the vacation is supposed to take place in the summer (right at the end of June) And I am still debating whether I need a rental car or not. I am going with another friend.

6 grand will be enough for a comfortable stay including everything ..

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  • Bill O'Reilly says:

    Does the 4 grand include airline tickets?
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  • silvermist says:

    It all depends how well you plan it. From Seattle to Maui with 10 day hotel package should be less than $2K. (It’s cheaper it you can share room with another person to lower the cost.) Another $2k for food and activities– keep it less than $200 a day and you’ll be fine..

    I spend less than 3k when I went to Oahu from SFO..
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  • Aalina says:

    6 grand will be enough for a comfortable stay including everything ..
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  • Yeti says:

    If you plan it correctly it should be enough.
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  • Marie Glodt Travel to Maui says:

    Aloha from Maui,
    Summer fares tend to be the most expensive next to the prices at Christmas time.

    Seattle is a funny departure city. Often times you can get better prices than out of LAX or SFO.

    As far as places to stay this can range from "CHEAP" budget properties (no a/c) from around $100.00 per night, to luxury properties from $500.00 per night for the least expensive view type.

    I would strongly suggest you get a car while you are here. Otherwise you will miss out on the fun things we have here on Maui. Such as day trip to a dormant volcano, viewing the lush green valleys and waterfalls in Hana, surfing on the south side of the island, or snorkeling on the west side (south side too if the surf isn’t up), etc. etc.

    If your $4,000 is including airfare, car and place to stay you can stay for 10 days you can pick anything in the moderate price range and be set. If you get into deluxe or luxury properties or want a water view you might go over your budget.

    As far as food we have McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and everything in between. Maui also has great local food, and fine dining too.

    When it comes to tours the range from $50-500 depending on what you want to do. Helicopters will be the more expensive tour on the island, surfing lessons one of the least expensive things to do.

    Luaus are about $100 with dinner, drinks and the show.

    You might want to check out our FAQ page. It gives more information such as the best day of the week to travel to get the cheapest airfare, car sizes and more!

    Have fun and plan early to get the best rates.
    Marie Glodt Travel to Maui
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